Our themed escape rooms are physical adventure games in which you search for clues and solve puzzles.

Please check our Facebook page for up-to-date hours and days open.

YES, we are open!  We are not currently doing online bookings so that we may limit bookings to one group in the building at a time but still have the flexibility of room availability.  Please call 828-558-1511 or email mvpuzzlerooms@gmail.com to book your escape room.

What is it all about?

<id=rooms>Our themed rooms are physical adventure games in which you search for clues and solve puzzles. Sixty minutes in a room sounds like a long time until the pressure starts building to solve all of the clues. You have two goals in our rooms–solve the mystery and get the exit pass to leave the room before one hour is up.

Who should play?

Our rooms are family friendly and have been enjoyed by people ages 7 through 85 in groups of 2 to 10. We require at least one adult with participants under 18 years old. Bring your family, your group of friends, your coworkers, or any other people who can think quickly and with whom you can communicate easily. Each time a clue is discovered, it puts the team one step closer to solving the final mystery. Can you beat the time needed to put you on the leader board?

Dr. Gingerelli's Stolen Rembrandt

Difficulty:  2 out of 5 (best for beginners or groups with little experience)

Carl Gingerelli is a professor of art history, an artist, and an art collector.  He also gives private art lessons, and one of his students, Karen, came in to find Dr. Gingerelli lying on the floor dead.  He was apparently killed as a result of someone stealing the most valuable work of art in his collection, a Rembrandt painting.   If you can find out who stole the painting, you can find out who killed Carl Gingerelli.

The Treasures of Kamu III

Difficulty:  1,2,3,4 and 5 (This room has a progression of levels as explained in the description below.)

Political unrest is threatening this archaeology lab near the Great Pyramids in Egypt.  Insurgents are destroying buildings as they ransack the city, and they have no regard for history.  Your goal is to rescue the Pharaoh’s treasures before the insurgents destroy the building.  Unlike any other escape room that Maggie Valley Puzzle Rooms has developed, this room has five levels.  Participants will start at level one. As you solve clues, you will get to level 2.  Then, you continue working to get to level 3.  Keep solving the clues, and you will hopefully make it to levels 4 and 5.

Call to schedule $25.00 per person
Senior/Educator/Military discount $22.50 per person
Groups of 5 or 6 $20.00 per person