Our themed escape rooms are physical adventure games in which you search for clues and solve puzzles.

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What is it all about?

Our themed rooms are physical adventure games in which you search for clues and solve puzzles. Sixty minutes in a room sounds like a long time until the pressure starts building to solve all of the clues. You have two goals in our rooms–solve the mystery and get the exit pass to leave the room before one hour is up.

Who should play?

Our rooms are family friendly and have been enjoyed by people ages 7 through 85 in groups of 2 to 10. We require at least one adult with participants under 18 years old. Bring your family, your group of friends, your coworkers, or any other people who can think quickly and with whom you can communicate easily. Each time a clue is discovered, it puts the team one step closer to solving the final mystery. Can you beat the time needed to put you on the leader board?

Dr. Fenningen’s Curiosity Shoppe

I’m Dr. Fenningen, and this is my shop.  We have all kinds of curiosities from around the world and all kinds of potions for luck, for love, and for life.  I heard that you went to a party and your drink was spiked with a potion that ages you one year for every minute.  In sixty minutes, you will be sixty years older, so you must find the life-saving potion that will return you to the age you were before you die of old age.  Search quickly, but you’d better hurry up!  Time is running out! 

The Legend of Depot Joe

During the Great Depression of the early 20th century, many people didn’t have any money.    They would jump onto trains illegally to travel from one place to another to find work.  They became known as hobos, and they lived in communities that they called “jungles.”  Their homes were usually tar paper shacks.  In this experience, Depot Joe is a hobo who has managed to collect a few silver dollars, a rarity among hobos.  As you enter his tar paper shack, it is important for you to use all of your senses as you search for his small bag of silver, but time is important!  There are other hobos and the infamous yard bulls who will stop at nothing to get rid of you.

The Treasure of the Lost Shaman

Hundreds of years ago, Samsu the Great was a shaman respected by all the tribes in the Americas.  When he died, Samsu’s gold totem was buried with him, and all information about his burial was lost.  Treasure hunters have searched for decades for this priceless artifact, but the famous archaeologist Dusty Cole Lector found it on a recent expedition.  He had to store it in his secret facility because of an urgent request from the National History Museum.  As Dr. Lector’s interns, you must find the gold totem so you can get it to the museum.  But hurry!  Word has gotten out about the location of the gold totem of Samsu, and treasure hunters will stop at nothing to get their hands on it so they can sell it on the black market.

The Poisonous Shark

Silver Tooth Sam was one of the most successful pirates of the 18th century.  He captured more than thirty ships and looted towns up and down the southeastern coast of the United States and several ports in the Caribbean.  The British Naval Force in Charleston sent Lt. John Hopwood to deal with this fearsome pirate, but it took several ships to finally surround Silver Tooth Sam’s ship The Poisonous Shark.  Legend has it that the infamous pirate set fire to his own ship while trying to escape in a dinghy, but The Poisonous Shark toppled onto the dinghy before Silver Tooth Sam could get away.  In his captain’s quarters, he had hidden his largest collection of booty in one place.  Having died such a terrible death on a full moon in the ninth month, his ship has appeared for one day every year since his death.   Many treasure hunters have unsuccessfully tried to get their hands on his gems, doubloons, and other priceless artifacts.  Since this is the night The Poisonous Shark reappears, now is your chance.  You have one hour to find Silver Tooth Sam’s treasure before the ship disappears, and if you are still on it when it disappears, you will disappear with it … forever.

Schedule online or call to schedule $25.00 per person
Senior/Educator/Military discount $22.50 per person
Groups of 5 or 6 $20.00 per person