Maggie Valley Puzzle Rooms

Our themed escape rooms are physical adventure games in which you search for clues and solve puzzles.

What is it all about?

Our themed rooms are physical adventure games in which you search for clues and solve puzzles. Sixty minutes in a room sounds like a long time until the pressure starts building to solve all of the clues. You have two goals in our rooms–solve the mystery and get the exit pass to leave the room before one hour is up.

Who should play?

Our rooms are family friendly and work best for teenagers and adults in groups of 2-6. Bring your family, your group of friends, your co­workers, or any other people who can think quickly and with whom you can communicate easily. Each time a clue is discovered, it puts the team one step closer to solving the final mystery. Can you beat the time needed to put you on the leader board?

Swindlers List

Set in the 1950s, your friends and you have been implicated for embezzling money from your employer Diversified Holdings. However, you know that your supervisor, Senior Vice-President Will Swindle, is the one who has been embezzling the money. He has manufactured evidence that will make you look guilty. Now you are in Mr. Swindle’s office, and you have one hour before he gets back with the police to arrest you. That leaves you very little time to find the evidence that will exonerate you and indict him.

The Plight of Corndog Crockett

Corndog Crockett has been arrested by federal agents, and now his biggest rival, Squirrely Smith, has been tipped off about the location of Corndog’s moonshine still. Squirrely has wanted Corndog’s recipe for years, and now is his chance to get it. You are in his hidden shack in the woods, and you have to find Corndog’s recipe and get out before Squirrely and his sidekick get here in one hour. If Squirrely finds you here, he will “eliminate” his competition, which means you.

Schedule online or call to schedule $25.00 per person
Senior/Educator/Military discount $22.50 per person
Groups of 5 or 6 $20.00 per person

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