Our Rooms and their Difficulty

Our puzzle rooms are not easy, but they are fun.  Nationally, only 33% of participants solve escape/puzzle rooms.  To help you decide which room you should choose, especially if this is your first time, here is a guide to our rooms.

Difficulty 1: The Legend of Depot Joe–Level 1

Go back in time to the Great Depression and experience life as a hobo.  In this room you are looking for Depot Joe’s silver dollars in a tarpaper shack beside the railroad tracks.  This is a good entry level room for beginners.

Difficulty 2:  Dr. Gingerelli’s Stolen Rembrandt

Dr. Gingerelli has been murdered and his priceless Rembrandt has been stolen.  Search through the clues to figure out who killed Dr. Gingerelli and stole the most prized artwork in his collection.   This is also a good entry level room for beginners, but is just difficult enough to be challenging for groups who have been to one or more escape rooms.

Difficulty 3: The Legend of Depot Joe—Level 2

The same premise as Depot Joe—Level 1, this level is much more challenging and recommended for groups who have done escape rooms before. 

Difficulty 4:  Dr. Fenningen’s Curiosity Shoppe

Because someone spiked your drink at a party that ages you one year for every minute, you are looking for the potion that will save your life.   This room is very challenging and is recommended for experienced groups.  

Difficulty Levels 1,2,3,4,5:  The Treasures of Kamu III

This room is different from any other room. 

There is political unrest in the city, and insurgents are destroying the city.  They have no regard for history, and this archaeology lab is likely to be destroyed.  Rescue the treasures of Pharaoh Kamu III before they are gone forever. How is it different?  Begin at level 1 and work to get to level 2.  Keep working to get to level 3, then level 4, and finally level 5.  The higher the level you get to, the higher the difficulty.